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Exclusive Concierge Services

We offer a full, priority service to all of our clients. Whether you rent Bee as the Empty Package, or fully-stocked, we take care of it all for you! Bee will come fully stocked and ready to partake in your days' festivities and of course, photos!

Party Rock is in the House Tonight

This package includes wine, two choices of beer, champagne, mocktails, and coffee

It's for the Kids

This package includes soft drinks, juices, hot cocoa, and Shirley Temples

The Workout Plan

Pressed juices, Acai Bowls, Protein Desserts, and healthy brunch & lunch options

What's for dinner

Cupcakes and chocolates by Filled with Love Buffalo, Charcuterie by A Board Above, Cookies by Kait

The Empty Package

No package, no problem! Rent Bee on her own. Comes with full ice-bucket. Does not include any beverages/food.

Date Night

Champagne, Oysters, and Belgian Chocolate 

Other Party Rentals

Bubbles, the champagne cart is ready for your event. Use it as a dessert stand or for other drinks!

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